Thursday, 26 January 2012

I See Dragons! @_@

It is the Year of the Dragon! And the little red dot, Singapore is filled with them! ^^
I sighted many T.G Tigers in Dragon Suits in many spots in Singapore!!! 
Errr but I only managed to take the pictures of them in only two locations though....
Bugis Junction's Marketplace

Centrepoint's Cold Storage
I am actually very pleased that they are sold everywhere.
I want more people to enjoy the quality and joy that a NICI plushy brings! ^^v

Besides the thrill of playing the "Spot the T.G. Tiger" game,  I also enjoy seeing so many cute and funny dragons.
One of the five dragon mascots of a local supermarket chain, Fairprice

The fortune "dragon" of a local bank, OCBC Bank

The chrysanthemum dragon of Mandarin Gallery
of course, there are many more... I will try to take pictures of as many as possible! :))

Last, but not least! A VERY HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! 
from the "dragons" on my office desk. 
and yes, Susie the mouse is not cosplaying as one...... :p