Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Upcoming Japan Trip

Hi Eddy M  here again!!! 
I am going to Japan!!! YES!!! I can't wait!! :)
When my human told me last night, I was so happy that I bounced around!!! :) 

Besides cutie me, Lucy Mah, Robin, Xiao Yore and Babe will be there too!!! :)
Hurray! I will put up a photo of us soon!!!  v^^v

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Thursday - 8 September 2011

Hi Eddy M here!
May I introduce to all, Shappo!
Shappo formed San X's Sentimental Circus! He is also the Ring Master!
He arrived at our doorstep, looking for a place to live and to be loved.
And of course, everyone is too happy to have him!!
Jughead and I have agreed to be part of the circus!!! \(^^)/
Watch out for the INCREDIBLY CUTE DUO!! ^^v

Shappo will be introducing his circus to all very soon... He mentioned it is a "social enterprise"...
What's that.....?  

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Eddy M and Brother Andy

Hi Eddy M here! and Yes, it is me again!!! 
With the mahs and the wolves in school, I am always alone in the afternoon. -.-  
Preschoolers are so unlucky!! When can I start going for longer school sessions?!
Aunt Nancy (Jolly Liselle) is always too busy.... :( 
Uncle Nick (Jolly Ben) is working.... 
No one has the time for me!!!  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! *Sniff*

Luckily I have Brother Andy (Edward Horse)!!! Andy-gege has an orchard near MY's bed. I spend almost every afternoon there with Jughead (Minily lion) "helping out"! ;p
Brother Andy is my idol! I want to be like him!!!  \(^_^)/