Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Upcoming Japan Trip

Hi Eddy M  here again!!! 
I am going to Japan!!! YES!!! I can't wait!! :)
When my human told me last night, I was so happy that I bounced around!!! :) 

Besides cutie me, Lucy Mah, Robin, Xiao Yore and Babe will be there too!!! :)
Hurray! I will put up a photo of us soon!!!  v^^v


  1. Yay! We are excited for you and your flock! Our mini Hugo Wolf just came back from a short Japan trip not long ago! It was fun but warmer than Singapore in certain days! The summer heat there is still scorching! :D

  2. Hotter!? then lots of sunblock for me! where did u go? :)

  3. Osaka and Kyoto, almost the same places as where ohbabysheep went recently as seen from her blog. It was 35 degree celsius on the hottest day!! *melt*

  4. We wish you very good times in Japan!

  5. Our flock wishes a wonderful trip with your plush. Have a great time there :-)

  6. That's awesome!! I want to go to Japan someday!