Tuesday, 21 February 2012


I am on a mission to revamp my diet and who, besides the healthy and energetic Jolly Mahs from the evergreen fields are the best advisors for the cause?

After much cajoling and bribing, Robin decides to lend me a hand.
"To be healthy, EAT like a Jolly Mah! Let's go shopping!"

After two hours of window and grocery shopping, 
Man... the bags are really heavy....
"It means that your old diet is so bad that you need to buy lots of things! Don't grumble!"

"Hi All! Despite the fact humans' supermarkets are so poorly stocked, we still managed to get some "will-do" items."
* Statements made are the personal opinions of the speaker and not that of the owner of the blog.

"To be a Jolly Mah, you need to graze. My teachers had told me that the human has only one stomach which is weak and can't digest grass. So I got my human to get fresh vegetables. And it must be organic. Humans spray too much pesticides on their produce. Humans are not very intelligent, right? Well, Jolly Mahs do not swallow pesticides willingly. So my human, you can't do that too."
*Statements made are the personal opinions of the speaker and not that of the owner of the blog

"Yes, Yes, I know. Just grazing on vegetables is just not yummy enough, for a Human. and yes, yes, your siblings do not enjoy green peas, so frozen mixed vegetables is out. So corn kernels it will be! I like corn too! Sweet and crunchy! Just throw in a handful of cooked corn into your pasta or salad. Or on its own. YUM! Remember to gimme some, okay?"

"I remember that the humans need sufficient carbohydrates to fuel their daily activities. But it seems that all of you are consuming too much of the wrong type. So we bought some wholemeal pasta! It may be not as yummy as its refined carbo counterparts. But it is 100% healthier. You are revamping your diet, right?"

"Potatoes! A good source of carbohydrates! Filling! And your mummy makes good curries.... Potatoes are pertinent to the recipe. That's why I got them! I love your mum's vegetable curry..."

"You chose this. Are they superior to their English counterparts?"
No. I just prefer them. They are slimmer and easier to consume. 

"Last, but not least Mayo! I know you may not be able to swallow heaps of vegs without some toppings etc.  No reduced fat thousand island, so reduced fat mayo it will be. But sour cream is better. We will get it after we finish the mayo." 
"Yes, we. You have to prepare my lunch from next week onwards."


  1. yummy yummy! Our jolly Mah loves all these veges! Japanese cucumber dipped into mayo~~ is ♥♥

  2. You will get slim and healthy eating those vegs :)
    Come on, and stay strong with your diet!