Saturday, 31 December 2011

Leonard (Special Edition T.G. Tiger)

hmmm.....Who's there...?

A dragon? but it looks like a tiger.......

Oh! It is T.G Tiger....but dressed up in a Chinese dragon costume!
From today onwards, your name's Leonard!
And you will be the mascot of MH's bed for the Year of the Dragon!
Welcome, Leonard! ^^
Bring us lots and lots of good luck! ^^


  1. Welcome Leonard!!! You are very handsome with that costume :)

  2. Haha, the dragon costume is very nice. I hope it will bring you much luck for the New Year :-)

  3. That's so cute.. I love TG Tiger, mine at home is called Oreo.. HAHAHA.. I'm so gg to get this~!! =P which cards n such did you get it from?

  4. @ Raquel : Leonard says thanks! ^^ He will be taking lots of pictures since that he will be the Lord of the Flock in less than a month~!

  5. @ Leona Löwenherz : I am sure that Leonard will bring me lots and lots of luck! :))))

  6. @ Reina : I bought him at CNS Plaza Singapura!! He is a steal @ only S$13++!! :)))) Get him fast!