Monday, 26 December 2011

Jolly Mah Granny & Lenny!!!

Jolly Mah Granny and Lenny will be joining the flock very soon!
Dear Granny Mah is the grandmother of Lucy! and yes, little Lenny is Lucy's little cousin.

Little Lenny is full of envy when he heard of Lucy's adventures with the flock. Noting her grandson's silent wish, dear Granny packed the bags, popped both of them into her antique car and is now heading towards the evergreen fields!

Lucy will be exhilarated!!! :D


  1. I can't wait to get both!!! Kisses and thanks for sharing the info :)

  2. i can't wait too! The storyline is too cute! Lucy is spinning around with joy! :))))))

  3. The waiting is almost over, release is probably this month!

    At transport costs are free.

  4. Replies
    1. not yet! old jolly mah has not come to Singapore! :)))