Monday, 29 August 2011

Monday, 29 August 2011

Introducing my sister's MY's collection of lions!!! ^^
Hohoho! Greeting from Uncle Lotsa from Toy Story! ^^
All, but Simba (the little lion with well trimmed hair on Captain Jack Sparrow's right foot) are NICIs! :)

... ... ...
Jughead and Eddy M
Eddy M: Errrr... Why are you not in the picture, Juggie?
Jughead: I came later mah..... But MY should have taken a newer picture! T.T

Eddy M: Waaaaaa! Don't T.T !!!! You still have me!!
Jughead: Yeah! The Minilys stand together! hehe!


  1. wow MY have a great lion collection! We're so happy to see a lion lover because the nici lion was one of our earliest nici plush we got but seems like not many people loves the lion..

  2. many are amazed with my sis's love for lions! the moment a lion arrives on the scene, she will always try to grab it, in regardless of brands! but NICI is her fave brand and Roger (the 25cm Big El)is her baby! :)

  3. I understand her obsession :D
    I find that Big El Lion has a problem because they come in two different batches of quality. One batch has very smooth hair plus a tail with the same material as its body and the other batch has not-so-smooth hair and the tail is made of rope. Has MY noticed this before?

  4. we sure did! she bought the 1st batch of big El (the one with the rope as the tail)! but lol! she still love him lots! he is still the Prince! :)