Thursday, 4 August 2011

Thursday, 04 August 2011 - Xiao Yore in office (29072011)

Hi Lucy here!!
Today I will be introducing my fave Eeyore, Xiao Yore's day in our human's office!!!
Thanks, but no thanks! I can share my day with everyone as well as you, or even better!!! *sulk* 
Tsk tsk tsk! such temper!!  ^^  
I can help! ^^ 
I want to help! ^_-
I am helping! ;p

Upon arrival, hungry XY pounced on the yummy honey marble cake!!! 
I did not pounce! I was not hungry! I walked to it! Calmly and out of curiosity! 
And that was ah hui's lunch...! not mine. Nancy (Jolly Liselle) has prepared sandwiches for me!

Kawaii Cutie Xiao Yore striking a pose! Such a narcissistic Eeyore! ^^
>1  I just like myself. And besides I was there to cheer ah hui up! My smile is the best!!!  


What is that?! What is that blue pumpkin in my mug????
......It has eyes...... *shiver*  UNCLE NICK. AUNT NANCY!! Save me!!  ROBIN!!! SAVE MY MUG!!!
OI!!! Stop that yelling!!!! What blue pumpkin???
>I   I was just playing hide-and-seek!
I know~~! You were super cute! ^^   Let me give you another hug!!!

Me hard at work. Correcting the spelling and grammatical errors in the email! :)

Another round of hide-and-seek?
yeah! I like hide-and-seek! ^^

^_^  I had enjoyed myself!!
......When is my turn....? *sigh*
Minghui: Soon!!  :)

Let's roll!!!!  ^^


  1. You are never too old for soft toys!

  2. Agreed x 2!
    and Xiao Yore has a very cute face!

  3. I agree with Lisa too, I'm almost 37 years old and I love my plushies!
    See you in September (we are going out for holidays)