Monday, 8 August 2011

Monday, 8 August 2011 - Eddy Marshal Kam

Eddy M. Kam has arrived! He is a Edward Horse from Nici Minily! With his big head, and wide smile, he is gg to be a long term resident of the office!!   :)))

He has wanted to be a cop when he grows up.
However, Police or Cop doesn't sounds good as middle names..... so Marshal it shall be!!!  :))

He is really adorable and has beautiful blonde hair! :)

Let's Welcome Eddy!   \(^^)/


  1. Hello Eddy! Welcome to MH's family, you are one very lucky horse! ^_^

  2. he is! the Jolly Mahs, especially Lucy r fussing over him!

    Andy, my sis's 15 cm Edward Horse is really happy and warm to Eddy M.! :))))

    Pics on the way!!!! :)