Thursday, 23 June 2011

"Me" Day_Saturday, 18 June 2011

Enjoyed a wonderfully fulfilling "Me" day on the 18th of June!

Went to Kinokuniya NAC and bought more than 3 books which will be introduced in due course!!

Candylicious, Ngee Ann City has opened!! Finally!! I have been dying to see the interior! Due to the "no photography" sign, the pictures below were taken from a safe "you cannot catch me!" distance!

Loved the cheerfulness and colourful interior! However, what really caught my eyes and attention was the non-edible merchandise like the coin pouch, totes and of course, the toy bears! OMG! One of them was so beautiful. It is multi-coloured and has such a sweet smiling face! I had to drag myself away from him! *sniff*
I want my teddy bear!!!

The annual Toy Universe Fair was my next destination. As usual, i had to stop that crazy urge to buy and buy! What to do?? I was surrounded by so many wonderful things.

Gasped at this shelf-full of Care Bear Cousins. So cute~~~~!  I love Care Bears! and this batch of cousins was so beautifully designed and made. Thinking of grabbing the elephant! :)

To me, the coolest toys had to be from this selection: Gundam - Brave Battle Warriors . I love the mini or should I say cutie version of the original Gundam. The above life size model is Guan Yu.

Besides the above, there is a clear plastic compartment that holds the different Gundam characters in the animation based on a chinese historical novel "The Romance of the Three Kingdom". And yes, as photography is permitted, here are some of them:
A Not-For-Sale-but-to-be-won Liu Bei

Guan Yu

Zhang Fei

Liu Bei

Zhuge Liang
If anyone sees this, please tell me. I am searching for it!

Cao Cao
This is a "must collect" too! 

A Battle Scene created from the Gundams!

Watch the anime every Sunday at 10am on OKTO!! 

On my way out of the fair, I spotted Eeyore and of course, there would be a picture! :)))   He is just too cute...  ^^

Before I knew it, my legs brought me to ION Orchard. Was wandering aimlessly around all floors, when a display in Level B4 caught my eye! Gosh! Green Lantern! Without hestiation, I walked into this very small, but interesting display. Bat Man! Superman!  WOW~~~!  \(^^)/

The models are too real like, especially the eyes...... Most unnervingly are the eyes of Joker and Batman

There was also some displays on Wonder Woman and some lesser known characters, but I was too engrossed and only realised the lack of photos till I stepped out! ;p

Bought this Book "The Tote Bag" from Kinokuniya, Ngee Ann City. It is also accompanied by a free tote bag. The designs from artists around the world are too amazng!

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