Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sunday, 26th June 2011

"Hi! Robin here. This is a late entry, but better late than never, ya? I went to Vivo City with my human and her siblings yesterday. It was a exhausting outing! We entered shop after shop! Looking at clothes, shoes and even electronics! *Groan* WOMAN!! Mummy should be glad that I am a boy!

"Peace prevailed only when we entered the National Geographic Store. My human has always loves this place. She loves the serenity. She loves the peace. And of course, the merchandise. *roll eyes*  But i agree that the NatGeo Store is in a world of its own. There's this intense silence that is calming and warm! ^^  

"But anyway, my human bought her first item from NatGeo Store! I might be in her bag, but man, i could hear and feel her badly surpassed joy! I even caught her grinning at the paper bag!!!   -_-''' 

"Guess what she bought. A book! Nope. No prizes for the correct answer! It was too easy. My human is badly addicted to books. Even my home, i.e her bed is a makeshift bookshelf. I pity my mummy (non stop cleaning) and my human's future hubby... Poor Sir, you married a insatiable bookworm! Okok.... more on the book. The title is 100 Journeys of a Lifetime. I managed to sneak a peek. It is full of pretty pictures and passages that are simple and, yet seducing!! There are also very simple introductions to the main sites in each location and the estimated time required to see them all. I wanted to go to these places too.........!"

NatGeo Store's paper bag

Me with the Book. 

"All in all, I deemed this to be one of my human's better book purchases. It introduces the world to you. And of course, the "hungrier" it makes my human, the better. I am the OFFICIAL travelling partner of my human. If not wrong, our next destination is Kyoto. ^^  "

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