Saturday, 25 June 2011

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Went Takashimaya and bought Car Bears Cousins - Monkey and Cat. They are this month's "treats for my brother and sister!
Monkey, "Psst! Ready for the 'Jack-in-the-Box act??"


"Peekaboo! hehe!"

MJ with his best pal, YY! :)
Introducing energetic Marc Jacobs (Jolly Gustav)! The latest addition to the Double N family.. I was like "Wow! A billy goat!!   \(^^)/" when I first spotted him.  He is warm and friendly. Despite his horns, the Double N warmed up to him straight away, when he offered to do the dishes!


  1. Hello Marc Jacobs! We finally meet you ^_^
    Last time when we first saw Gustav, we also found that he is very special as a billy goat is different from all we've seen!

  2. hehe! i agree with you! but my sis feels that MJ is too thin... Cos the rest of the JMs have big and thick bellies.