Monday, 20 June 2011


Will not be able to blog tonight. Something popped up! Sorry!
The above picture is taken only just now! This is the core Jolly Mah family. Errrr... I have many more, but every1 (JMs and JWs) integrates with the Double N family and becomes part of it! :)))

From the left, Nick the "black sheep" of the flock, Robin the bad tempered sweetheart, Nancy the sassy mum and Mike (Mr. Hairy Big Foot)! :D

Robin is the son of Nick and Nancy (thus the "Double N").
Mikey's Nancy's younger brother. ^ ^

Will be introducing the rest very soon!

Besides the Double N family, I have the Yore Association. Chaired by Xiao Yore, a Cutie Eeyore and backed by Lehman Sisters LLP (founder's BuTai Yore), it gathers all Eeyores into one united force! 


  1. Hello Minghui! Your Jolly Mah family is so cute! We love them! Warmest greetings from the crazy nici-mania gang ^_^

  2. Thanks!! :)))
    i think they are pretty wonderful too!!!

    The school boys and Marc Jacobs shld be bouncing ard soon~~!! :)