Friday, 15 July 2011

Friday, 15 July 2011 - Bobbi in Office (13072011)

Bobbi was in office with his human friend on 13 July 2011. It was a busy and hectic day.But Bobbi being Bobbi, he was cool and collected.

"So this is the MIS you are instructed to create... This is not difficult. Let me help."

"That's not the way to write an email."
"Yes, Bobbi.... =_='' "
"Let me show you how."

With a leap, 
"Wow! Perfect landing, Bobbi! ^^" *slap slap slap*

"..Thanks. Let me help you."

Bobbi was a great help! But I have the feeling that I bored him somehow! ;p


  1. Bobbi or Queenie, who's the better helper? :D

  2. both are helpful in their own ways!