Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Monday, 4 July 2011

It is a pleasure to celebrate it, even if I am not an American. Independence is not a given! so please do cherish it! :)))))))))))))

Feeling kinda down in the dumps... the nostrils are blocked. Throat is full of phlegm... YUCKS!
The flu bug must be male... It just can't bear to leave me alone...........

Have some pictures of Robin peeking out my bag in Jusco, Tebrau City! :)))
So cute!! :)))))))))))

He bounced out when he realised he was outside a tidbits and candy shop!


  1. Did Robin enjoy the shopping at Tebrau city? Its a huge place, the arcade area inside Jusco departmental is fun!

  2. He did till he realised that his human was not gg to allow him to bring candies and tidbits home!

  3. But he ended up winning all your shopping bags which must be full of goodies! Quite a good treat for him! ^_^