Thursday, 28 July 2011

Thursday, 28 July 2011 - Alfred in Office (27072011)

Alfred, Mr Cool Hugo Wolf was in office yesterday. Mr Cool was most "helpful"....

"I am here to laze around the office the whole day, friend."
"...... ......"

"You are here to help me!"
"...... ......   Look @ the mug.  :p is my answer."


"Those are supplements...."

"A bit too much, right???"
" >1  "

"OI! I am bored."


  1. Looks like the mug is big enough that Hugo could use it for a bath haha. Very nice photos :-)

  2. thks! ^^
    Alfred (Hugo Wolf) loved the photo session! :)

  3. The jolly lucy mug is lovely! I can't bear to use my jolly wolf mug cos its too cute for me to let it get stained by coffee. That is a lot of health products you have at your cubicle, I think I saw 2 bottles of honey! :D

  4. I cant bear to use Lucy the Mug too! it is too cute! I use it to >p colleagues who offended me! ;p hehehehe!