Monday, 11 July 2011

Monday, 11 July 2011_A visit to Jusco, Tebrau City

Good Morning! and yes, it is good! the sun may be out but with the clouds blocking it, the weather is wonderfully cool!!

I will be spending the next few days blogging on this wonderful HK travel magazine titled U Magazine! XY, YY, MJ, Rilakkuma, Robin and Mike will be the co-hosts~! ^^

Jusco, Tebrau City
On the 2nd of July 2011, I visited Jusco in Tebrau City. I have not been into Malaysia for ages! so this was a treat... which I did not enjoy as I was ill... Lol!

3 ladies with no ideas how to get there... :[    Thanks goodness for the existence of taxis! ;p
Sneaked a photo before we hopped on a taxi.  So this is Malaysia....

The best part of the journey was the taxi ride. It was great... Malaysia is so different from Singapore! :)

Impression of Jusco, Tebrau City
I did not really enjoyed myself as I was down with a very bad flu... Was just shuffling around tiredly... LOL! :)
But Robin enjoyed himself! ^^ At least till I stopped him from getting candies.... -_-'''  
We had a short, but intense fight! -_-

It started with me sitting down on a bench outside a store.
Me - huh..? Why are you out? Psst! Get down before anyone sees you! Oi! Do you hear me?!
Robin - Can I have candies?! Please!!  >_<
Me - Candies...?
I lifted my head and saw...
Me - Afraid not.... Don't think Mama Meh will be pleased if I bought you candies......  How about some dried fruits?
Robin - Are you nuts?? I want candies! Or maybe some of that yummy bu-bu biscuits..! ^_^  How can I  go home empty handed?  :(   You bought candies for yourself!
Me - These? These are for the family.... I am too ill for them.... Be a good sheep... 
Robin - ...... ...... ......
Me - Be a good boy, ok?
Robin - Get me candies. If not...... ......
Robin - ...... ...... everything in the shopping bags are mine!  >p
Me - Brat!

Yeah, it ended with a victory for Robin... *gloom*

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  1. Get well soon! :)
    And when do we get to see your newly acquired Elsa? ^_^