Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Wednesday, 13 July 2011 - Queenie in Office (12072011)

Adorable Jolly Princess, Queenie was in the office with me yesterday.
In fear of causing boredom to Her Highness, I have assigned her with some simple investigation! :)
First, a suitable stationary.
"This is for me?" 

"Yeah. I need you to investigate these."
"I will get to it straight away!"

"...... ......" "......?"

"I like this pen! It is almost as cute as me! *beam*"

I really like Queenie! She is too pretty! ^^
Today, Bobbi is the assistant for the day! :)


  1. Yes! Queenie is so pretty! You are tempting us so much to get one ^_^

    I hope she helped with your work instead of giving you trouble :p

  2. she did her best! only pouted when I pointed out her mistakes!