Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Marc Jacobs has successfully wooed Lizzy the babe! Not that it was too difficult.... -_-'''
Lizzy is as enchanted with him as he is with her.....! 
Must be the goatee! ;p
Marc Jacobs and Lizzy

Yesterday night, I received my purchase from Kinokuniya!!! :))
My "boys" and "girls" will be introducing them to all in due course! ^^

Bobbi, the self proclaimed computer expert is in the office with me today! ^^  He promised to assist in creating the MIS for me... Errr.. your human is smart enough...

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  1. I also figured its the goat tee! Hehe. They are a wonderful couple! Your Lizzy is a beautiful one, great find :)