Friday, 15 July 2011

Friday, 15 July 2011 - My first package ordered from Kinokuniya BookWeb Singapore (13072011)

Introducing my first package from Kinokuniya BookWeb Singapore!
Will be introducing the books in due course.

For now, please let me introduce the book reviewers! ^^
Xiao Yore with the package

Ah Pui will be reviewing "Old Kyoto"

YY will be reviewing "Exploring Kyoto"

Nancy and Lizzy will be reviewing the "Facial Beauty Book" mook

Rilakkuma will be reviewing "Eaten too much by oneself"

And ....... =_='''
Could the love birds stop being this lovey dovey?? Their human is feeling kinda of jealous.....


  1. Ohhhh, the last pic is so lovely!

  2. :D
    I like it too! and is kinda jealous of them! :)